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Policeman from Östersund praised as a hero in New York


The policeman Erik Näslund took a ride on the New York metro with three of his friends when he heard a desperate call for help over the speaker system. Without hesitation Näslund reacted and is now celebrated as a hero.


The policeman from Östersund is in New York for a vacation with three other fellow policemen från Uppsala and Stockholm. This Wednesday they took a ride on the subway to see the Broadwayshow Les Misérables. This was reported by the newspaper The New York Post.

During the ride the subway driver call out to find a policeman amongst the passengers. A fight was going on between two men further down in the train.

The four policemen acted and made their way to the scene where they saw a man violently hitting another man. The beaten passenger did not seem to make any resistance. Three of the policemen, of which Erik Näslund was one, wrestled down the attacking man while the fourth policeman helped the beaten victim.

The Swedish policemen also kept the train in order until the New York police force arrived.

The Swedish policemen are now called heroes and the New York police force heap praise over the vacationing team. Their action impressed a representant from Les Misérables so much that he invited them backstage, and the New York Police Department would like to honor them for making a difference. They were also being saluted by the commuters.

– That’s a really brave thing to do. Especially because they are tourists — tourists are usually just in the way, Justice LeBoy, 24, said to New York Post.

The four policemen want to play down the incident and say to the paper that it was not such a big deal. The Jämtland police deparmtent agrees. The department comment the actions of Erik Näslund here.

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